Human Sciences and Health

Bioethics, health and society

This line is concerned with research in the areas of Bioethics and Applied Ethics as they relate directly or indirectly to human health by way of either research in human subjects, health education or health care. It also investigates the development and application of appropriate methods of addressing these issues in the Collective Health field, as well as subjects’ autonomy in dealings with medical knowledge and their ability to choose given their life constraints.

Diagnoses in their relationship with biomedical identities, practices and theories

This line brings together studies around the production and construction of diagnoses in their relationship with processes of social identity formation; the creation and spread of biomedical rationalities, practices and theories; and the development of biotechnologies.

Gender, sexuality and health

This line focusses on gender and sexuality as they relate to health. It spans socio-anthropological studies of culture and sexual conducts; dimensions of biological and social reproduction; social policies that impinge on sexuality and gender; the role and profiles of social movements addressing the issue; and the construction and development of sexuality- and gender-related knowledge and practice in the health field.

History and Philosophy of the Health Sciences

This line of research comprises investigations in areas of the Human and Social Sciences, focussing on the History and Philosophy of the Health Sciences and endeavouring to discuss the production, spread and use of scientific knowledge for the Collective Health field.