Professional Masters

The Professional Masters in Health Administration (PMPAS-IMS/UERJ), which forms part of the IMS Postgraduate Programme in Collective Health (PPGSC-IMS/UERJ), is the first of its kind in Brazil. Drawing on the IMS’s experience with the specialisation course in Hospital Administration, in 2000, the Ministry of Health was invited to provide the students for the first group on the Professional Masters in the area of Collective Health.

Since its inception, the overall goal of the PMPAS-IMS/UERJ has been to develop critical, interdisciplinary thinking on the processes of health and disease in all their multiple dimensions and on health policies in Brazil, as well as to develop studies, methods and techniques to inform those policies. The primary function of the Professional Masters is to prepare personnel with the capacity for health system and health technology assessment and management, epidemiology and health surveillance at the various levels of government and health service administration, by developing the knowledge and skills involved in performing the functions of management and planning and the ability to make decisions on incorporating and managing available technological resources.

At present, this Masters programme offers three areas of concentration: Health Technology Management; Health System Management; and Epidemiology and Health Surveillance.

Each student class is constituted in response to demand from the Ministry of Health and other bodies of Brazil’s Unified Health Service (SUS). As a result, it is not a course with regular intake, but rather new classes are opened up in line with partnerships and agreements established between institutions and the IMS/UERJ. The maximum timeframe for completing the course is 24 months.