Selection for the Masters in Collective Health is by competitive public examination, which includes a test of proficiency in English common to the three areas of concentration, plus specific examinations, curriculum vitae assessment and interviews for each of the areas involved. Maximum course completion time is 24 months. Each area has a specific curriculum, comprising required and elective disciplines. In keeping with the requirements of the university, it is mandatory for students to complete a 15-hour teaching internship consisting of theoretical activities on important subjects relating to Brazil’s higher education policies and contemporary teaching and educational strategies, as well as to participate in activities connected with undergraduate disciplines offered by the IMS, the introduction to scientific research and student monitoring.

After concluding the credits and before completing 18 months on the course, students undergo a qualification examination, at which they submit their dissertation plan to a panel of three professors (at least two of them from the programme). Approval in this examination counts towards the credits needed to obtain the title. Then the dissertation is submitted to public examination by a panel of three members, one of whom must be from outside the institution.

Masters IMS